CS4723 Software Validation and Quality Assurance

Fall 2017

Basic Information



This course reviews the basic concepts and knowledge of software validation and quality assurance. We will introduce various techniques to support software validation and quality assurance, include software testing, software debugging, software verification, anti-pattern checking, and field bug management. As the major software validation approach in practice, software testing will account for a large portion of the course content. We will also discuss some recent research progress on major problems of software validation and quality assurance.

Course Syllabus

Course Schedule

Assignments and Projects

Lecture Slides

Lecture Slides will be available before the lectures.
  • Lecture 01 Introduction
  • Lecture 02 Overview of Software Testing
  • Lecture 03 Unit Testing
  • Lecture 04 Integration, System, and Acceptance Testing
  • Lecture 05 Test Coverage
  • Lecture 06 Regression Testing
  • Lecture 07 Non-Functional Testing
  • Lecture 08 Automatic Test-Case Generation
  • Lecture 09 Bug Report Management
  • Lecture 10 Debugging
  • Lecture 11 Static Bug Detection and Verification
  • Lecture 12 Code Review
  • Lecture 13 Exception Handling
  • Lecture 14 Mid-Term Exam Review